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Is Facebook Marketing Right for Your Business?

If you’re not using Facebook marketing,
are you leaving money on the table?

Facebook marketing is big. Over 810 MILLION users – HALF of whom check their facebook every day. Do you see the potential?

Sure, not ALL 800 million people are your target market. But how many people in your business area are using Facebook to keep up with their friends, find new and exciting things to do or even check out the latest offerings.

Done right, Facebook marketing can be a goldmine for your business.

More and more of your customers are online – and letting their Facebook friends know about their recent experiences. Not just the things they do for recreation – but their shopping experiences as well. Think about it for a moment…

Now, if you know how to effectively use Facebook marketing to attract new customers to your business, then you’re two steps ahead of your competition. Many business owners aren’t even on Facebook – and those that are don’t know the correct ways to tap into this social medium phenomena.

Facebook Marketing is More than Just Throwing up a Fan Page

Sure, that’s where you start. But in order to build your business, you’ve got to ENGAGE those fans. And keep them moving through your sales process. Just having a bunch of people “Like” your page means very little. What you DO with these folks is what makes your business stand out from all others.

Believe it or not, there’s a place for good, solid copywriting to help you with the management of your fan base.

Copywriting is all about engagement. It’s about connecting with the customer on an emotional level so they think about your business or service FIRST – before all others when they need your kind of product or service.

If you’re considering setting up a Facebook marketing strategy, please call me at 250-212-0545 before you get started.


Kelowna Copywriter Guest Panelist at OVES Entrepreneur Event

The Okanagan Valley Entrepreneur Society has invited Kelowna copywriter Russ Banister (that’s me!) as a guest panelist for their upcoming Townhall Meeting.

The topic is “Information Marketing,” and since I write copy for several information marketers including myself, they thought I would be a good fit. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s a great chance to promote my business and position myself as the authority in the marketplace.

Now, I don’t just write copy for Kelowna companies, but I’m sure there are some out there who could benefit from the experience and skills I have.

I’ll follow up this post with another AFTER the event and let you know how it went.

Direct Response and Web Copywriting You Can Depend On


Marketing is the most critical part of your whole business plan. Without a consistent way to bring customers to your door, you have a hobby—not a business!

As a copywriter I understand what motivates customers to take action. Whether you need new leads for your sales force or direct sales to make your profits soar, you must understand this: Your message needs to match your market—and all that needs to be presented in the media your prospective customers are most likely to use.

Copywriting is the key to a successful business. Your materials must tell a consistent, focused story about your business and why people should use you over your hundreds of competitors. (Hint: Your competition isn’t just the people who sell the same stuff as you do—it’s EVERYTHING that competes for your prospect’s attention!)

You need a message that’s so compelling… so persuasive… and so powerful your prospects can’t help themselves from doing business with you. But you can’t take a chance on just anyone to create this material for you. Your business depends on a qualified, experienced, credible and professional copywriter to get you the results that guarantee success.

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Russ Banister and I write copy for a number of direct response and web based clients including:

  • International Living—a publication catering to affluent individuals who wish to retire overseas
  • Stirling Properties—a Limited Partnership company that helps investors find, buy and own undervalued multi-family real estate properties with an eye to maximum profits
  • Bongarde Media—a specialty information publisher with clients around the world
  • Entra Marketing—an internet based company with several interesting projects
  • AVE Creative Strategies—a full service import/export consultancy specializing in North America/Europe clients

My copy services don’t just extend to large companies doing business worldwide, but to local businesses that need marketing help. For instance:

  • Divine Relaxation Aesthetics and Massage—a home-based business offering incredible services to harried working moms
  • Touchstone Bookkeeping—a talented number cruncher with a gift for advising business owners on best practices

Copywriting is the fastest, most effective way to build your business. You can create consistent, reliable streams of income using proven strategies that grab people’s attention and almost force them to buy.

When I’m done creating your sales material you’ll have an asset you can use over and over to bring in more leads… more customers… more cash!

Here is a sample of the services I provide for clients…

  • Direct response sales letters that build massive desire for your product or service
  • Web based copy including Search Engine Optimization strategies to help you get page 1 rankings on Google
  • Email marketing that builds a fence around your customers so they buy from you again and again
  • Autoresponders designed to move prospects through your sales funnel
  • Google Adwords (Pay Per Click advertising) that can bring massive traffic to your website
  • White papers, case studies, brochures and other marketing collateral that helps you sell your product or service for maximum profit

If you’re looking for a professional, credible and experienced copywriter, you’ve come to the right place. I can help you generate more business… build up your customer list… create a valuable asset you can use over and over again… and bring more cash into your company.

My services are surprisingly affordable—and tax deductable!

In order to serve you properly, I can only take a limited number of clients at one time. As my time books quickly, please email me directly at

Include as much detail as you can and your phone number.

After we discuss the scope of your project, I’ll send you a questionnaire to help me understand your business, your market and your customers. At that point, you’ll get a quote for the cost of the project. Once we’ve agreed on terms, I’ll get right to work creating the kind of marketing materials that drive customers to your door.

Of course, I guarantee my work. I will meet your deadlines and do the project on budget. I include up to two revisions in the price I quote you. There are no surprises in my fees. You always know exactly what you’ll invest in your marketing copy.

To get started, email me right away at


A list of accomplishments

I’ve just been reviewing a few of the major and minor accomplishments since I became a full-time copywriter. In no order of importance, here are the things I could think of…

1. Completed the AWAI 6 Figure course

2. Completed the AWAI Masters Program

3. Full-time staff copywriter for Bongarde Media, a specialty information publisher

4. Copy for a real estate development company in Calgary which helped them raise $756,000 on their first  sales letter (and much more since!)

5. A 3-letter sequence done for a client published in Dan Kennedy’s latest version of Magnetic Marketing program

6. Sales letter for International Living

7. Google Adwords Certification

8. PPC Classroom student

9. Moved from staff copywriter to full-time freelancer

10. Established mastermind group of like-minded marketers in my home town