AWAI Interview

American Writers and Artists Inc called me the other day. They’re doing some promotional work for their product line and wanted to interview former students who’ve gone on to successfully change careers and become working copywriters.

I talked with Guillermo Rubio about all the interesting projects I’d worked on over the last year:

  • The four page flyer that raised over $756,000 in investment capital for a small real estate investment firm…
  • The sales letter for one of the Agora divisions…
  • The number of promotions I’ve done as a staff copywriter…
  • The real estate investing book I ghostwrote for a client in nine weeks (Hint: Give yourself more time than that if you plan to write a book – I was exhausted after that!)…
  • But what Guillermo found most fascinating was the work I’d done to hone my skills as a Pay Per Click copywriter…

He based his entire article on that skill. It’s something most PPC products tend to gloss over. They give some basic copywriting advice about headlines and benefits, but don’t go into detail about what it takes to achieve high click through rates and conversions.

It’s a bit art and a bit science. Mastering it has given me the freedom to create campaigns for myself and my clients. Which, in turn, allows me to participate in affiliate marketing and profit.

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How to Write Adwords Ads that Drive Rabid Buyers to Your Site

As a copywriter, one of the challenges I face every day is to create PPC campaigns that drive prospects to client sites. Here are a few of the secrets I’ve learned over the past few years…

  1. Do your market research first! What are they looking for? Does your product fill the need they have – or in other words, can you scratch the itch they feel when they search?
  2. Establish your goals. What do you want from your campaign – more leads… more sales… market penetration? A clearly defined goal helps you write clear ads.
  3. Identify your keywords. This step cannot be glossed overIt may be tedious, but you cannot ignore this step. Without strong keyword research, your campaign is bound to fail.
  4. Study your competition. What are they doing? Do you consistently see the same PPC ads over time? If you do, chances are the ads are drawing customers so they continue to run.
  5. When writing your ads, use timeless copywriting principles: A compelling headline, benefit based body copy and a call to action.
  6. Fear, scarcity and urgency work online just as well as they do offline.
  7. Test… test… test!
  8. (Bonus tip) Measure everything. Watch your campaigns closely until you’re sure you’ve got a strong campaign that meets or exceeds your goals. Use analytics and conversion tracking to ensure you are maximizing your ad spend.

For more PPC ad writing tips and tactics, go to Russ Banister