Who Hires Copywriters?

You might think the only people who really need to hire copywriters would be advertising agencies. At least, that’s where you see them show up on the TV shows (think Mad Men…)

But surprisingly enough many businesses can benefit from hiring a freelance copywriter.

For instance, think about the amount of marketing materials banks, insurance companies, manufacturers and other non-traditonal businesses need to produce to get their message out in the world. Do you think the CEO has time to sit down and write all that material – or does the marketing department have a competent copywriter either on staff or on their speed dial?

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg…

Own a business? Have you ever sweated over what to put on your rack card, trifold brochure or even just a sell sheet? Yeah, suddenly having someone you can count on to put the right words in the right place is really important, right?

Want to get some traction for your new software product? You know, the one that would change the course of mankind – if only people could grasp the complexity of it. Well, copywriters are the best at taking complex ideas and making them easy to understand.

And the best ones go a step further and turn those easy to understand ideas into sales.

All through the power of the written word.

What about video? You’ve heard a great video posted on the web can drive both visitors to your website and sales of your product/service. ┬áBut for a video to be great, it has to be persuasive. Nobody is going to sit through 27 minutes of a talking head droning on about the features of your product.

Viewers need to be ENGAGED. Their EMOTIONS need to be activated. They need a REASON to continue sitting through your presentation. (And let me tell you, 27 minutes of features just doesn’t do it.) That’s where copywriting shines. Engaging people, activating their emotions and persuading them to watch the entire presentation so they have the information they need to make a buying decision.

So, really… the question shouldn’t be who hires copywriters? The real question is WHEN are you going to hire one?